Baby Crib Buying Guide

Baby Crib Buying Guide

Do you have any doubts or questions about how to choose a baby crib?  Are you concerned about crib safety, and how to make sure that you buy the best baby crib?  With so many different types of baby crib on the market, we have reviewed some of the most popular baby cribs.  The most important aspect is to make sure that they meet the safety standards for baby cribs.

Baby Crib Safety Standards

All new baby cribs are legally required to meet the government safety standards as set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC for short.  The latest safety standards for baby cribs were introduced in 2011.  Basically this means that you should choose a modern baby crib that meets all of the latest safety regulations.

Old baby cribs – are they safe to use?

Many people like to keep their old baby cribs, and some people even like the idea of using an antique baby crib for sentimental reasons.  However, due to the sweeping changes to the crib safety standards, any baby crib that is older than 2011, may no longer comply with the regulations.  Whilst it may be possible to upgrade an old baby crib to the latest standards, we recommend that you buy a baby crib that complies with the minimum crib safety standards.

How to choose a safe baby crib?

The latest crib safety standards require that a baby crib should have no gaps or spaces wider than 60 mm.  This means that all of the bars or slats should be properly attached, with no loose or missing fittings.  This is to prevent the baby from getting stuck between the bars.  Similarly, the new regulations require that corner posts be no more than 2 mm above the bed rails, to prevent the chance of loose clothing getting tangled around the post.

Crib mattresses need to meet crib safety standards also!

In terms of crib safety, the mattress should be firm and be the correct size to fit properly into the baby crib.  All modern baby cribs and crib mattresses are designed to a standard size, so there is no problem choosing the best crib mattress these days.  The best crib mattress should not allow a gap between the sides of the crib and the mattress so that the baby cannot get stuck in the gap.

Drop side baby cribs are no longer permitted to be made or sold in the US

Do you remember the older style baby cribs with drop down sides?  Well, these are no longer considered safe to use, due to the risk that baby can get stuck.  The alternative is to check with the manufacturer to fix the drop down sides, or choose to buy a modern baby crib with fixed sides.

Adjustable Crib Mattress Height

Instead of using drop side baby cribs, the alternative is to choose a baby crib with an adjustable height mattress.  This feature allows the crib mattress to be raised higher in the crib so that you don’t have to reach so far over the side of the crib.  When your baby grows older enough to sit or stand up, then the mattress height should be lowered again so that they cannot climb over the side of the crib.  Be careful with adjustable mattress heights, and check that the baby crib meets with the crib safety standards.

Convertible Cribs – are they are safe to use?Best convertible crib

We love to recommend the best convertible cribs as some of the most popular option for buyers.  Sure they cost a little more than some of the cheaper baby cribs on the market.  But the upfront cost will pay back later when you keep the same bed and transition it as your child grows older.  The best convertible cribs can be upgraded from baby cribs to toddler beds, and even converted to a full size adult bed.

You will need to make sure that you can buy the conversion kit at the same time as you buy a convertible crib, so that you know the full cost.   The best thing about convertible cribs is that they meet the crib safety standards, so you know that your baby will always be safe during sleep time.

Portable Baby Cribs – are they are safe to use?

Portable Baby Cribs are an excellent idea for times when you need to travel, or drop your baby with a baby sitter or child care.  Simply unfold the portable crib and it instantly becomes a comfortable bed away from home, or even a play pen.  The best portable cribs come with a diaper change station, a bay bassinet attachment, and even a convenient carry bag to take it wherever you go.  The best portable baby cribs are also compliant with the crib safety regulations, so you know they are safe to use.

Baby Bassinets – are they are safe to use?Baby Crib safety guide

The best baby bassinet is designed to be safe for use for a newborn baby.  The best bassinet can be moved around as needed to keep you baby comfy and happy.  Newborns sleep a lot, so it is very convenient to use a bassinet with wheels so that you can move it around the house and always keep your baby close by.  The best baby bassinet meet with the crib safety standards, so they are safe to use.

Where to Buy a Baby Crib

The best place to buy a baby crib is online, and where else than at the mighty Amazon mega store?  With free delivery on many items, and a very quick delivery time, this is far better service than you would get even if you walked into a baby shop.  Make sure you check first, but Amazon also have a return policy that is better than what others offer.  Not all shops can afford to hold stocks of every item and maybe not the exact color you would like, so sometimes, it is easier to buy a baby crib online.

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  • Edwina says:

    We love using our convertible cribs for our kids – we have two!  Our baby is still in the baby crib configuration, and our toddler has the side bar in place. But she has always slept perfectly peacefully, and never tried to roll near the edge, so I can see that we can move to the next configuration very soon now.

  • Nan says:

    It is important to use the safest crib possible there is no need to save money and risk the life of the baby.

  • Francis says:

    We love the idea of the best convertible cribs, which can be a 4-in-1 combination baby bed.  The best part about the best convertible crib is that you can transition the configuration of the convertible crib as your baby grows, and keep the same crib.  All you need to do is change some of the frame and transition it to a toddler bed.  The best convertible cribs are fully compliant with the safety standards concerning baby crib safety.

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