Don’t buy cheap baby cribs

Don’t buy cheap baby cribs

There are a lot of expenses when it comes time to set up the nursery to bring home a new baby.  Also there will be a lot of well intentioned friends and family who may want to pass on some second hand baby gear.  While it can be tempting to try to cut corners, and try to keep the costs down, there is no avoiding the fact that you need to make a few important purchases.  There is a whole range of things such as baby clothes and second hand toys that don’t really matter one way or the other.  In fact, it can be comforting and reassuring to have some warm and familiar hand me downs for your baby.  But we always recommend that you don’t buy cheap baby cribs!

Don’t compromise on safety with cheap baby cribs

When it comes down to the safety of your baby, there is no room for compromise.  This comes down to a couple of main baby items that you need to purchase.  A safety car capsule, and a baby crib.  Both of these items have been the subject of recent updates of the safety guidelines, and if you choose to use a second hand car capsule, or a cheap crib, then there is a risk that you might be placing the safety of your baby at risk.  If you are in any doubt about the safety guidelines for baby crib safety, then we have provided a simple to understand explanation of the safety regulations, here at baby crib safety.

Don’t use an old baby crib

It can be tempting to buy a cheap baby crib because the older style baby cribs are much cheaper than new ones.  But beware, there is a reason for this.  The reason is that old style cheap baby cribs do not comply with the latest crib safety guidelines, and therefore, they should not be used.  The cost to by an outdated baby crib can seem to be very attractive on the surface, but can actually cost more in the long run.  If you choose to buy a cheap crib, it can cost more money to try to rectify the outdated accessories.  Old fashioned baby cribs may also be different sizes, which makes it difficult to find the right sized mattress and bedding sheets, which can also create a hazard for your baby.  In case you are not aware, a poorly fitting mattress can cause a hazard if the baby gets stuck down in the gap.  Additionally, poorly fitting sheets can cause baby to get in a tangle during the night, which is also very dangerous.  So even if we set aside the dangers for a moment, cheap baby cribs can end up costing you more in the long run when you buy all the extra accessories.

How to save money when you buy a baby crib

We are not suggesting that you need to go out and spend a fortune when you buy a baby crib.  However, rather than simply buying a cheap baby cribs, there are other ways to go about it.  For example, you can look for a package deal, with all of the accessories you need included in the price.  Although the price of the crib may not look like the lowest priced cheap crib, but when you add up the cost of all the accessories, then the package deal can actually work out much cheaper.  Some of the accessories that you really need are things like a mattress, bedding sets, comforter, baby bumper, crib canopy and even a baby change table can be included in some packages.  If you can find an all inclusive package deal when you buy a cheap baby crib, then this can keep the overall price down.

What you need to know when you buying cheap baby cribs

If you are on a budget when it comes to buying a baby crib and all the accessories, then we recommend to avoid the top name brands.  Essentially, all of the different brands adhere to the same safety standards, but some brands offer cheap baby cribs that another brands.  The problem for new parents is to try to set aside the emotional aspect of preparing for a new baby, and try to overlook the marketing associated with buying a cheap baby crib.  It is worth noting that the crib safety guidelines are same for all baby cribs, regardless of price.  So the cost of a cheap baby crib makes little or no difference in terms of safety aspects.

Choose a cheap baby crib that fits your requirement

Don’t buy cheap baby cribs just because of the price!  There are a whole range of features that may or may not be useful for you, depending on your circumstances.  If you are a part time carer, grandparent, or travel a lot, then you don’t need a big heavy baby crib.  Instead, you might prefer a cheap baby crib that can fold away when not being used.  If you like to travel, then you might prefer to use a portable crib that can fold away in the trunk of the car to take away with you. Whatever your need for a cheap baby crib, it is important not to choose features that you just don’t need, and that cost more than you need.

Can you use a convertible crib?

There is a wide range of specifications and sizes when it comes to choosing cheap baby cribs.  Different baby cribs are made for different requirements, and according to the age and the size of your baby.  At convertible crib reviews, we always like to recommend the use of convertible cribs.  Unfortunately, convertible cribs are not the cheapest cribs on the market, in terms of up front cost.  However, the benefits of convertible cribs include the fact that the convertible crib can grow in size as your baby grows is size!  This means that you don’t have to continue to pay more money for upgraded baby cribs and baby beds.  Simply convert the baby crib to a longer bed for toddler, or take the sides down to change to a child bed.  With the best convertible crib, there is no need to buy another bed for your child.  Even though a convertible crib costs more up front, it can save a lot of money in the future!


Where to buy Cheap Baby Cribs

We have reviewed a range of excellent products on the website to help you find the best cheap baby crib that still meets all your needs.  We can take the hard work out of searching for a cheap crib.  Have a look at this one for our recommendation for cheap baby crib from the Amazon store.

Delta Fold Away 3-in-1 Portable Crib – Natural by Delta Children

The Delta Fold Away 3 – in – 1 portable crib is an excellent choice of cheap crib, with lots of versatility and additional extras.  For starters, the Delta portable crib is foldable so it can easily and simple be folded away for storage.  It has a classical and elegant appearance, and it is made from handcrafted oak.  This is not lightweight cheap crib, because it has a solid and sturdy feel.  In fact the Delta portable crib does not feel like a portable or cheap baby crib at all.  Weighing in at 89 pounds, it is actually very sturdy.  This provides a peace of mind in terms of crib safety that you know your baby is always safe and well.

What else is included with the Delta 3 in 1 portable crib

Another reason why we like to recommend the Delta Portable crib is that it comes with a standard correctly fitted mattress included in the price.  This feature stands to save you money, as it can be a bit of a trap to find a cheap crib for sale, but find out later you have to spend more money to buy the mattress as well.  The Delta portable crib can also accommodate a fast growing baby.  As time passes, the mattress height of the baby crib can be altered to accommodate your fast growing baby.  So here is a definite way to save money with the Delta portable crib, since you can simply change the crib rather than have to buy another crib or baby bed in the future.

The Delta Fold Away 3-in-1 Portable Crib is definitely high on our list as a good cheap baby crib that has everything you need to keep your baby safe.  But none of the those optional extras that you can pay lots of extra money for, but never use them enough to get value for the extra money.


Click here to see the price of the Delta Fold Away 3 in 1 portable crib at Amazon. Protection Status


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