Top 10 Accessories for the Baby Crib – An Ultimate Guide

Top 10 Accessories for the Baby Crib – An Ultimate Guide

We all want to keep our new baby safe and comfortable, and what better way to do it than with a nice comfy baby crib.  As well as choosing the best baby crib, there are a few accessories that we need to select also.  So we have provided a buying guide to help you choose the safest and most useful accessories for the baby crib.

There are all sorts of baby accessories for the baby crib on the market, but you need to make sure that they are all safe for your baby.  There are many important accessories such as baby cribs, crib mattresses, baby bedding, crib bumpers, baby sleeping bags and so on.

We have prepared the following guide to cover key points of each type of baby accessory, as well as looking at any safety aspects that you need to be aware of.  We have covered all of the recent government regulations for the safety of baby products, which are constantly changing to keep unsafe products out of the market.

It is important to keep this in mind when looking for things to buy for your baby crib. This guide will help you to make choices about what is safe to buy for your baby.

1) Choosing the Best Crib

There is a wide range of cribs to choose from, and we will run through the most common types of cribs for your baby.  Not only do you need to know about safety, but you also need to know which is the best crib, the most comfortable, the most convenient, and which is the easiest to use.

Baby Cradle:

The Baby Cradle would have to be one of the most popular baby beds that people use for their newborn baby.  Newborn babies like to sleep at regular intervals, so sometimes it is useful to have a portable baby cradle that you can move around depending on where you need to be when baby is asleep. The BabyBjorn Baby Cradle is the best selling cradle at Amazon, click on the image for a closer look. Accessories for the baby crib

Baby Bassinet:

When you have a new baby, most people keep you baby close by at all times.  This means you need a baby bassinet, which is generally a small, comfortable baby bed that can easily be moved around the house.  No matter where you need to be, the baby bassinet can still be close to you, and especially next to your bed at night so that you can get a good nights sleep also!  The Monte Design Rockwell Bassinet  is a very stylish and modern design that will fit with any decor.  Notice the Monte Baby Bassinet will gently rock your baby to sleep.

Accessories for the baby cribBaby Crib:

When your baby gets older, it is time to sleep in their own crib, then you can move them out of the baby bassinet, and into a larger baby crib.  A baby crib is the most basic nursery requirement, and this is the most important part of choosing accessories for your baby crib.  If you know whether you have a boy or a girl can take some of the mystery out of making a choice, but if you are like me, it will come as a very pleasant surprise!  The American Baby company offer the elegant baby crib, pictured below, and it even includes bedding, sheets and crib bumper.

Convertible crib:

As you may have guessed, here at, we believe that these convertible cribs are the only way to go.  A convertible crib can be changed around many different combinations of baby beds.  The benefit of these wonderful convertible cribs is that you can simple change the configuration of the crib as your child grows, and keep the same convertible crib, simply by converting it over.  You can keep exactly the same basic structure and simply add components to make the bed more suitable to an older child. Instead of having to upgrade and buy new beds all the time, with a convertible crib, you never have to buy another bed for your growing child!  The featured convertible crib is the Dream On Me Violet 7 in 1 Convertible Life Style Crib, which is available in a range of colors.  Yes – click on the image to see how it can be converted into 7 different baby cribs and child beds.  Simply amazing!

best convertible crib

Portable crib:

A portable crib makes it easier if you are going traveling with your baby, or if you need to move the baby crib to another room.  Perfect when you need to move the baby from one room to another, a portable crib is very lightweight, and can be folded down into an incredibly small and transportable package.  However, because a portable crib is rather limited in size, it means that your baby will grow out of this in next to no time.  The Graco pack’n’Play Playard is a multi purpose portable crib.  It provides a baby change table, a portable bassinet, a portable crib, as well as a portable play yard to keep your baby safe and cosy.  Click the image for a closer look at this very popular portable crib.
best portable crib

Toddler bed:

A toddler bed is most suitable once your baby has grown old enough to sleep in the bed alone.  Toddler beds have removable sides which can help with the transition from a baby crib into a toddler bed without the risk of falling out of bed.  Suitable once your baby reaches 2 or 3 years of age, a toddler bed also needs to be big enough for your child to use.  Who wouldn’t want one of these delightful cosy beds?
best toddler bed

Child beds:

There is an incredible range of Child beds which can create a sense of wonder or adventure for your child’s imagination.  From loft beds, bunk beds, trundle beds, as well as all types of adventure beds, or character beds to help your child get happily off to sleep.  Just look at these playful designs of child beds!
best toddler bedbest toddler bed

Convertible Cribs are the best:

Did we mention that a convertible crib is useful for children of all ages?  Yes in fact, the same convertible crib can be used even when your child is no longer a baby.  Some of these fantastic designs can continue to be used forever, and if your child likes it enough, they will never grow out of it, and they can keep it even after they leave home – how is that for a bargain!

Best convertible crib

2) Choosing the Best Crib Mattress

The best crib mattress is the most important accessory for the baby crib.  Mattress sizes and materials can sometimes be a hassle, as you not only want your baby to be comfortable, but there is a lot to choose from.  We can help make sure you get the right one for the type of baby crib that you choose.

All baby Cribs must conform to a predetermined interior size, so as long as it’s not a very old crib you can choose any mattress and it will fit properly.  It is important to make sure your baby doesn’t get wedged in the side of a mattress, so make sure it fits properly.

Foam Mattresses:

Foam mattresses for the baby crib are cheaper than other options. Foam is also lighter in comparison with other materials, which is convenient to change over the baby bedding. Foam mattresses come in different thicknesses, from 75 mm to 150 mm thick.  Look out for these Number 1 best sellers, thousands of happy customers have posted positive comments.  Click on the images below for more details.
best crib mattress

Innerspring or Coil Mattresses:

The next most common type of baby crib mattress is the innerspring mattress.  These are generally more expensive, due to the springs.  The innerspring mattress is firmer, which is safer and better for babies. Just like the common adult mattresses, it is important to look for an innerspring mattress with extra coils, as this prevents the mattress from sagging.
best crib mattress

Organic Mattresses:

The organic baby mattress is the most expensive type, but is worth the money if you are concerned about allergies or chemical content within the material of the baby mattress.  Because your baby will spend a lot of time sleeping very closely to the mattress, it is important that the mattress be free from any allergens and chemicals.
best crib mattress

3) Crib Bumpers – Do you need them

Crib bumpers are designed to protect your baby from getting stuck in the bars of the crib, or from banging into the bars by accident.  Bumper pads make the inside of the baby crib softer due to the padding, but it is important for you to know that bumper pads are somewhat controversial.

Many parents argue that we should not use crib bumper pads as there is a risk of the pads coming loose and contributing to crib related accidents.  It is important that you do your own research into the use of bumper pads, as they are certainly useful to keep your baby safe inside the crib, but only if there is no risk of suffocation.

There are many different types of bumper pads available on the market. Perhaps the best option as a new parent is to read reviews and do your research as there are some very good crib bumper pads available that come with breathable mesh liners for extra safety.

Here is the best selling baby crib bumper at Amazon, with breathable mesh lining!
best breatheabel crib bumper


4) Choosing Sheets for the Baby Crib – Fitted Or Loose?

When selecting baby bedding for the baby crib, we recommend that you choose a fitted sheet. Even better, choose one that goes all the way around the baby mattress to prevent it from coming off during the night. We also recommend that you do not use loose sheets in the crib if possible. Loose items of any description can cause potential hazards for the baby such as getting tangled up and even suffocation. Because all crib mattresses come in standard sizes, it is easier to select your preferred crib bedding and sheets for your baby.

You can choose from cotton sheets, polyester sheets, and even flannel sheets for those cold winter nights.  The choice is yours, but maybe it is wise to select a cooler set of baby crib bedding for warm weather and another set of flannel sheets for winter. Look out for waterproof protective mattress pads, and other useful mattress protectors.
best convertible crib


5) Choosing a Sleeping Bag

A baby sleeping nest or sleeping bag is the best way to keep your baby warm when the weather is cold.  A baby sleeping bag is a completely enclosing sleeping nest that prevents your baby from kicking off the bedding, and waking in the bight due to cold.  Always cosy and warm, a baby sleeping bag can actually help baby to settle off to sleep as they can’t wriggle around so much, and is actually comforting for them to settle off to sleep.

When you choose a perfectly fitting baby sleeping bag, the whole family can sleep more peacefully without all those annoying baby disturbances.  And you will get more sleep also!

Choose a baby sleeping bag without sleeves which we find tends to keep your baby more snug, and it also prevents them from rolling around too much.  A sleeveless sleeping bag can help, a fitful sleeper as it keeps them warm, yet allows them to use their arms just a little, but not too much.
best baby sleeping bag

6) Choosing Crib Toys

It is natural to want to place crib toys into the baby crib to help your child go to sleep peacefully.  We are accustomed to seeing a baby snuggle cosily with a soft cuddly toy, or some other night time baby toy.  While this type of crib toy is normal and natural, we need to think carefully about what other toys we place in the baby crib.

Too many toys can be harmful as there is the potential for suffocation.  Even worse, some toys might have a risk of small parts coming off such as buttons, or beads, and these can be very dangerous for babies, who like to suck on things.

Instead, you can choose hanging toys or crib mobiles that hang above your baby, but cannot fall into the baby crib.  These types of crib toys provide hours of entertainment for your baby, without the risk of choking or suffocation on small parts.
best convertible crib

7) Baby change table

Because your baby nursery has been carefully selected to suit your baby, you may wish to choose a baby change table that matches the same décor as the baby crib.  If you know which manufacturer you got the baby crib from, you can always do some research to see if they have a matching baby change table.

The best baby change table normally has a place to rest your baby at a comfortable height so that you can change diapers, clothes, and anything else that you need to attend to.  The baby change table should have a couple of shelves underneath, to keep everything you need close to hand for when you have a nasty diaper emergency!  You know about that, right?
best baby change table

8) Change table mattress

To make the baby change table more comfortable for your baby, we recommend that you choose a suitable change table mattress.  These are generally specially fitted to match the size of the change table, and shaped to prevent your baby from rolling off the change table.

In the event that your baby is a little too active during diaper change, you can even choose a baby change table mattress with wrap around straps to hold everything in place.
best baby change table mattress

9)  Baby Change Kit – for emergencies!

We highly recommend that you keep a Baby change kit close at hand in case of one of the baby diaper emergencies.  Do you know the ones I am talking about?  Sometimes, in the most inconvenient locations, and as the least expected times, there is an urgent need to change a baby diaper.

In case just such an emergency presents itself, the best solution is to keep a baby change kit nearby.  Some people keep one in the car, and some people keep one in their handbag.  We strongly recommend that you keep one with you at all times when you have a baby!

Check out some emergency baby change kits like this one!
best baby change kit


10) Baby Room Furniture

If you would like to keep matching décor throughout your baby nursery, then you can always select other baby furnishings to match the baby crib, or any other accessories in the baby room.  There is always a wonderful selection of drawers, baby cupboards, and bookshelves to choose from.

Usually the baby crib manufacturers offer matching furniture in the same style as the baby crib, so you can choose a complete matching set, or as much or as little as you need to get started.

Click here to see some of the range available in the Amazon store, you never know, you might be able to select a bundle at a remarkable price!
best baby nursery furniture


Choose the best accessories for your baby crib

All of the accessories we have reviewed, are safe for you and your family, but can also make your life easier as well.  From safe baby cribs and comfortable mattresses, there are many ways that you can give your baby the best start in life.

And better still, you can rest and relax, knowing that your baby is safe and secure with the best accessories for the baby crib.  Keep in mind that you need to review product safety warnings, and always use the equipment in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.

We wish you and your baby all the very best for the future!
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